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Curious about our company and career opportunities? Find answers to frequently asked questions below! And if there’s something else you’re curious about, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re happy to help.

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How can I apply

We look forward to hearing from you via our online form. After a phone call and reviewing your documents, we will be happy to speak to you via video call or invite you to meet us in person. If you have a long journey, an individual solution with overnight stay can be found.

What about salary and working hours?

We have a 5-day work week. If you would like to work a 6-day week during the season, that’s not a problem. You will receive a 20% performance bonus for that. The 4-day model with 40 hours is also possible. There are no split shifts. Every minute worked is recorded: you will clock in at the start of your shift and clock out at the end using the time terminal. Compensation is provided according to the employment contract. Overtime hours will be compensated with time off and can also be paid out upon agreement. Your salary will be paid at the end of each month.

Is there staff accommodation?

We offer team shared apartments in Garmisch as well as rooms in the team house on the hotel premises. The shared apartments are fully furnished and you will be sharing them with up to 5 colleagues. The rooms in the team house are also fully furnished. Free Wi-Fi is available in the team house. The accommodation costs as well as the security deposit will be deducted from your monthly net salary. The accommodation costs vary depending on the apartment, ranging from €180 to €300 per month.

How do the probationary period and vacation work?

Your probation period starts on the agreed-upon start date mentioned in your contract and typically lasts for 4 weeks. You are entitled to a minimum of 20 days of vacation per calendar year based on a 5-day work week.

Do I get work clothes?

We provide a portion of the work uniform. Depending on the department, additional clothing items may need to be arranged by the employee. In general, each employee is responsible for the cleaning of their own clothing. There is the option to do laundry at the hotel.

What is the staff catering like?

Our kitchen team provides you with a variety of meals. The menu includes vegetarian and vegan options as well as meat and fish dishes. In addition we offer water, cold beverages and coffee.

Are further education programs offered?

You have access to free online training courses. Additionally, you can choose from a curated list of further education programs from our catalog and use your annual professional development budget for that purpose.

Can I do an apprenticeship at the Eibsee Hotel?

Sure, we’d be happy to have you! Our department managers will be there to support and guide you, and we have an apprentice coordinator who can assist you in preparing for your exams. If you’re not yet of legal age, we just need the consent of your legal guardian for you to join our team and, if necessary, stay at the team house.

How do I get to work?

If you arrive by car, you will have access to a free parking space throughout the year. Alternatively, there is a bus stop right in front of the hotel. You can get a monthly bus ticket for €30 instead of €95.

Is there a closing time?

Yes, in November there is a closure period of approximately 4 weeks. In most departments, operations continue during this time. However, it is the perfect opportunity to use up accrued days off and take vacations. Mandatory trainings also take place during these weeks. You will continue to receive your regular salary during the closure period. Accommodations can still be occupied, and staff meals are provided throughout.

It would be good to know...

We are a team of around 150 employees from diverse backgrounds, with an average age of 35. In the Housekeeping department, each shift is responsible for preparing 10.5 rooms. If you are unable to work due to illness, you are required to provide a medical certificate after 3 days.

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